Prior to the truck coming in, the customer had a fiberglass tonneau cover installed and the installer improperly polished the cover leaving a massive number of halos that needed to come out. Once we removed all the halos, we then did a multi-step paint correction before applying our signature 7-year ceramic coating.

We also added our promotional ceramic glass coating for free (normally a $150.00 value).

Excalibur Services & Pricing

EXCALIBUR MOBILE DETAIL Visalia CA offers everything from a weekly car wash to Paint Correction and a 3 to 10-year Ceramic Car coating with written warranty or a full auto detail. Mobile detailing and car wash done by professionals. 16+ years’ experience. Areas of service include: Tulare, CA; Visalia, CA; Hanford, CA; Selma, CA; Clovis, CA; and Fresno, CA.

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