This is a 2015 GMC Denali that was car washed before the owner picked it up. It was severely covered with swirl marks from the brushes of the car wash. It’s also featured on the Excalibur Mobile Detail paint correction page so you can see the emasculate difference and it was also coated with a Reactive Polymer Coating by Flight Shield.

You should take note of since wax really doesn’t last more than thirty days. Assuming that you wash this vehicle once a month and hired someone to actually do it at $75 it would cost you $2.50 a day versus the Reactive Polymer which is for three years and works out to be about seventy cents. So the client was pretty smart and he opted to go for the Reactive Polymer and pocket the rest of the money that you would normally be spending on the waxes.

And also the wax is not scratch resistant, it’s not chip resistant, it is not bug resistant and it doesn’t resist water among other things. It is very easily taken off the vehicle. I do this by using dish soap before any of my paint corrections to remove any residual wax that’s on the vehicle. For the Reactive Polymer and especially the ceramic coating the only way you’re going to get it off is to sand down the vehicle. That’s got to be some pretty tough stuff.

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