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Behind the Scenes

A lot of people will just do a shot around the vehicle, and it looks ok, but we thought we’d go a little bit more in depth and give you a full idea about the process involved in all our coatings.

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Ceramic Overview

We specialize in paint correction and ceramic coatings and have done thousands of vehicles in the past years when ceramic coatings were not so well known. We have 3-year, 5-year, 7-year and even 10-year ceramic coatings. All of our coatings are high-grade ceramics and are registered with Carfax to increase the value of your vehicle

Getting your vehicle ceramic coated is the best thing you can do to not only protect your paint, but it makes washing a breeze. Ceramic coating gives your car an exceptional hydrophobic smooth finish that repels water and makes drying the car off a breeze. Another advantage is it gives it a super high gloss that waxing just can’t match.

It also protects your paint and plastic from sun damage. Other benefits include making the paint scratch and chip resistant, plus making the paint more resistant to etching in the clear coat caused by the acid in bird droppings and splattered bug residue.

You will literally never have to wax your car or put special treatments on the finish for the life of the coating, saving time and money!

Available Ceramic Coating Price List

All our Sapphire V1 Ceramic and Quartz Lite; Quartz plus and Onix are registered on CarFax , increasing the trade in or sales value of your car!
Protects Paint from: UV Rays; Environmental fall out; Bugs; Bird droppings.

** No More Waxing!
*** Wax melts off the car in less than 30 days…Waxing once a month NO paint correction! @ $75 will cost you $4,500 over 5 years V.S Ceramic coating and paint correction $1,500 – 2,050


  • Touchless wash
  • Chemical decontamination
    Removes brake dust out of the paint before clay bar
  • Clay bar paint finish
  • Full two-step OR multi-step included in the appropriate pricing based on color
    2-step for light colors AND multi-step for dark colors
Excalibur Mobile Detail

Ceramic Coating Add Ons:

  • Ceramic coating hand wash starter kit add $150
    Includes bucket with screw top lid; dirt grate; wash mitt; microfiber drying towel; Sio2 Soap; Sio2 Boost with 3 microfiber applicator towels
  • Treat front windshield add $75
  • Treat all windows add $150
  • Treat plastic trim add $75
  • Treat front grill chrome add $75
  • Treat outside of rims $35 Each
  • Dismount and treat complete rim add $75 Each
    ***Excalibur Mobile Detail is your exclusive Flight Shield.com; Quartz; quartz + AND OnyxPaint Protectant applicator

Water Spot Removal

Ceramic coatings just like your stock clear coat are not water spot proof. It takes a ceramic coating specialist to know the right way to remove water spots without stripping the coating off. We have successfully removed water spots from ceramic-coated vehicles.

Ceramic Coating Water Spot Removal

Car $450
Mid-size SUV or truck $550
Large SUV $650

Sapphire V1 5-Year Ceramic Coating – Transferable Warranty

Dark Colors

Car $1,700
Truck & Small SUV $1,850
Large SUV $2,050

Light Colors

Car $1,500
Truck & Small SUV $1,650
Large SUV $1,850
Excalibur Mobile Detail - Visalia CA

All Quartz & Quartz + Offer Higher Gloss & Thicker Coating

Quartz 3 to 5-Year Ceramic Coating

Dark Colors

Car $1,299
Truck & Small SUV $1,395
Large SUV $1,495

Light Colors

Car $1,100
Truck & Small SUV $1,195
Large SUV $1,295
Excalibur Mobile Detail - Visalia CA

Quartz + 5 to 7-Year Ceramic Coating

Dark Colors

Car $1,500
Truck & Small SUV $1,650
Large SUV $1,850

Light Colors

Car $1,300
Truck & Small SUV $1,450
Large SUV $1,650
Excalibur Mobile Detail - Visalia CA

Onyx 7 – 10 year Ceramic Coating

Dark Colors

Car $1,900
Truck & Small SUV $2,050
Large SUV $2,150

Light Colors

Car $1,700
Truck & Small SUV $1,850
Large SUV $1,950
Excalibur Mobile Detail - Visalia CA

Excalibur Detail & Waxes

Interior Detail:

  • Touchless Wash
  • Clean Door Jams
  • Clean Rims and Treat Tires
  • Clean Windows
  • Vacuum inside (including Headliner) and Trunk
  • Steam Clean Seat Rails
  • Steam clean carpets; Matts and Seats
  • Clean All Leather and Vinyl
  • Treat All Leather and Vinyl
  • Clean Dash; Steering Wheel; Controls; Vents and Console
  • Treat Dash; Steering Wheel; Controls; Vents and Console
Excalibur Mobile Detail - Detail Pricing

Detail Pricing

Car $225
Mid-size SUV or truck $250
Large SUV $300

Optional Add Ons:

  • Ceramic Wax $100
    Price valid only with interior detail
  • Ozone Disinfectant Treatment + Odor Removal $60
  • Engine Wash $50
  • Dog Hair Removal $75
  • Milk Smell & Mold Odor Removal $125.00
  • Water Spot Removal $250 and up
  • Clean Headliner I.E. Spot Removal $65
  • Headlight Restoration $85

Ceramic Wax – 4 to 6 Months

When it comes to waxing we have stepped up our game and now only use ceramic wax. This is not a coating, but is the longest lasting wax around up to 4 – 6 months. Regular Waxes will only last 30 days at best and in our opinion is a total waste of money!! We always clay bar all vehicles before waxing to ensure all impurities are removed from the paints surface to make the end result of a paints finish feel as smooth, as possible. All of our waxing is done the right way like at our shop location, so your car is waxed out of the direct sunlight and out of the way of any fallout landing on the car while waxing such as pollen and dust particles like it always should be.

  • Wash with premium soap
  • Vacuum interior
  • Full interior wipe down
  • Clay bar paint surface
  • Apply ceramic wax


Car $175
Truck & Small SUV $225
Large SUV $250

Add On:

  • Headlight Restoration $85

Interior Anti-Stain Treatment

This treatment works on all upholstery including real leather and carpets to make spills bead up so they can easily be wiped up and will not leave a stain. We call this kid proofing your interior from those horrible stains


Car $149
Truck & Small SUV $199
Large SUV $249
Excalibur Mobile Detal - Stain Removal

Mobile Washes & Bi-Monthly Wash Program

Mobile Wash

*Please note, currently our Bi-Weekly Wash program is booked and we are unable to do any 1-time washes.
At this time 05/27/2021.

Car $45
Mid-size SUV or truck $50
Large SUV $55

Bi-Monthly Wash Program

All washes are coordinated on a set day and time on a Bi-monthly schedule with once a month billing that is emailed out on the 1st of the following month and can be paid online with a credit: debit or E-Check thru a secure server or you can just mail out a check.

Bi-Weekly service includes:

  • Touchless Wash
  • Reverse osmosis spot free rinse water
  • Clean door jams
  • Clean rims and treat tires
  • Clean windows
  • Full interior wipe down
  • Vacuum inside and trunk
Car $45 per wash
Mid-size SUV or truck $50 per wash
Large SUV $55 per wash
Excalibur Mobile Detail - Detail Pricing

EXCALIBUR MOBILE DETAIL Visalia CA offers everything from a weekly car wash to Paint Correction and a 3 to 10-year Ceramic Car coating with written warranty or a full auto detail. Mobile detailing and car wash done by professionals. 16+ years’ experience. Areas of service include: Tulare, CA; Visalia, CA; Hanford, CA; Selma, CA; Clovis, CA; and Fresno, CA.

Phone: (559) 802-4392

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5-Star Paint Correction & Paint-Coating Expert


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