This 2018 Tesla 3 Received a full paint correction before applying our flight Shield 2-year ceramic coating that is 9H Hardness; scratch & chip resistant; protects from the sun’s UV rays and the acid in bugs and bird droppings that will cause divots in your clear coat. All Flight Shield coatings are aviation grade for extra toughness against the environmental hazards. NEVER WAX AGAIN!

Excalibur Services & Pricing

EXCALIBUR MOBILE DETAIL Visalia CA offers everything from a weekly car wash to Paint Correction and a 5-year Ceramic Car coating with written warranty or a full auto detail. Mobile detailing and car wash done by professionals. 16+ years experience. Areas of service include: Tulare, CA; Visalia, CA; Hanford, CA; Selma, CA; Clovis, CA; and Fresno, CA.
Phone: (559) 802-4392

5-Star Paint Correction & Paint-Coating Expert


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