This Escape was recently coated by Excalibur with Flight Shield’s Sapphire V1 Ceramic coating. Notice the difference after the door pillars were polished and coated. Excalibur puts a lot of time into properly clay baring and correcting the paint on any vehicle even if it just came off the dealership lot a day ago. Dealership coatings are production coatings. Unfortunately usually the paint is not properly polished before the coatings are applied and that’s why I call them production coatings.

Other Ford vehicle car coating applications you many be interested in watching:

2019 Ford F450 with 5-Year Aviation Grade Ceramic Coating

2017 Ford Mustang GT with Sapphire V1

2018 Ford Rapture Coated with Sapphire V1 5

2018 Ford Mustang with 5-Year Ceramic Coating

2017 Ford Focus Coated with Sapphire V1 Ceramic

2018 Mustang gets Aviation Ceramic Coating

2018 Roush Mustang with 5-Year Sapphire

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EXCALIBUR MOBILE DETAIL Visalia CA offers everything from a weekly car wash to Paint Correction and a 3 to 10-year Ceramic Car coating with written warranty or a full auto detail. Mobile detailing and car wash done by professionals. 16+ years’ experience. Areas of service include: Tulare, CA; Visalia, CA; Hanford, CA; Selma, CA; Clovis, CA; and Fresno, CA.

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