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Videos of our 5-star paint correction and paint protection work. Get your shine on with Excalibur Mobile Detail!

2020 Black Raptor Aviation Grade Ceramic Coating

This 2020 Ford F150 Raptor came in the shop with massive swirl marks from the client taking it to the local car wash to have it hand washed, but we all know the local car washes use dirty brushes and mitts to hand wash a car or truck.

2020 F150 Raptor Aviation Grade Ceramic Coating

Since we don’t cut corners like other shops and just do a 1-step at a cheaper price, we went ahead and put the extra work and time into doing a multi-step polish to bring out the 3D effect of the metal flake in the paint.

Pearl is Popping on 2020 Coated Camry

2020 Camry gets a 2-step paint correction before coating the car with our 5-year aviation grade ceramic coating on the paint; windows and the outer facing of the rims.

2021 Z71 Outshines Them All

This 2021 Z71 received a multi-step paint correction before applying our aviation grade sapphire V1 ceramic coating by Flight Shield. We also ceramic coated the widows.

2020 Lexus 350 Gets Coated with 5-Year Aviation Ceramic

After doing a wash and a full chemical decontamination and clay bar, this 2020 Lexus got a multi-step paint correction to remove car wash scratches and micro scratching after only a few times at the car wash after she bought it!

2020 Honda Civic Popping with Aviation Grade Ceramic

We just finished up a multi-stage piant correction before applying our signature Aviation grade ceramic that took 2 days to do it right! Whereas the cheaper shops usually only take a day, due to the fact they cut corners to get it out fast and cheap in one day. We refuse to do that.

Areas of service include: Tulare, CA; Visalia, CA; Hanford, CA; Selma, CA; Clovis, CA; and Fresno, CA.

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EXCALIBUR MOBILE DETAIL Visalia CA offers everything from a weekly car wash to Paint Correction and a 3 to 10-year Ceramic Car coating with written warranty or a full auto detail. Mobile detailing and car wash done by professionals. 16+ years’ experience. Areas of service include: Tulare, CA; Visalia, CA; Hanford, CA; Selma, CA; Clovis, CA; and Fresno, CA.

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